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Bangladeshi Student Association
Room 3046
Centennial Engineering Building
210 University Blvd NE
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87106

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About us

We are a Student Government Accounting Office (SGAO) approved student organization operating at UNM since fall, 2009. Our goal is to promote Bangladeshi history, culture and tradition on different occasions in the UNM campus. Our organization has proudly organized events on the occasions like International Mother Language Day, Bengali New Year, Flag raising on victory day of Bangladesh and other reunions of the community.

In order to maintain the legacy of Bangla literature, we publish our annual magazine Bornomala. Every year, Bornomala is released during the event of Bangladeshi Cultural night.

We also assist every Bangladeshi student to acquire success at the university and in the community. We have assisted students with accommodation, university orientation, transportation and other logistics. Currently, we have about 60 students in our association.